Will Latest Falling Prices Negatively Impact Bakken Oil Field Accident Rates?

It’s widely known that December 2015 brought more bad news to America’s oil producers. The downturn was covered by multiple media outlets, including Reuters and FOX Business News. And that’s not all the nation’s oil industry is facing as we slip into 2016. Last August, U.S. Federal officials set their sights on a troubling, well publicized trend taking place in the southwest, the rise in Bakken oil field accidents.

News sources, including the Wall Street Journal, Reveal and Mother Jones magazine, published people's theories in 2015 as to why Bakken oil field accidents seem to be on the rise. And some of them alleged that external pressures (e.g. market changes) may negatively impact working conditions, which is disconcerting considering the market’s current condition. But where does all of this postulating and investigations leave Bakken’s injured oil field workers and their families?

Sadly, without legal representation, many remain in dire straits. The ones that do solicit legal advice are often able tocontinue on and seek compensation for costs related to their Bakken oil field accidents. One look back over 2015’s Bakkenoil field headlines and the success of those law suits will become clear. Throughout the year, some oil field workers received compensation for falls, explosion related burns and volatile chemical inhalation. Others were awarded money for additional claims.

Bearing all of this in mind, Bakken oil field workers and their families should consider consulting with Montana personal injury attorneys. At Odegaard Miller Law, we have more than three decades worth of experience protecting the rights of America’s hard-working, oil industry employees and their families. As such, we can aid them in pursuing justice and protecting their families’ futures in 2016. To learn how, please contact our law firm in Billings, Montana, and ask to speak with a Bakken oil field accident attorney.