Personal Injury From A Burn?

Personal injuries that result from burns are some of the most painful. The pain can stem from a first degree burn with redness of the skin, a second degree burn that blisters the skin, or a third degree burn that results in leathery or charred skin. Although most believe one can not feel the pain of a third degree burn, the areas surrounding those burns are deeply painful.

Injuries from burns come from a surprising array of causes. The state of Montana defines 12 different causes of burns. According to the Montana Department of Labor and Industry, the 12 causes are:

  • Acid, Chemicals - Includes hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, battery acid, and methanol and antifreeze.
  • Contact with Hot Objects or Substances - In cases where contact with a specific hot object occurs; does not include steam or hot fluids.
  • Temperature Extremes - Applies to non-impact injuries resulting in a burn due to hot or cold temperature extremes; includes freezing or frostbite.
  • Fire or Flame - Burns to the skin as a result of exposure to fire not caused by an explosion.
  • Steam or Hot Fluids - Contact with steam or hot fluids.
  • Dust, Gases, Fumes, or Vapors - Includes inhalation of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, propane, methane, silica (quartz), and asbestos dust. Includes smoke inhalation.
  • Welding Operations - Includes welder's flash, burns to skin or eyes as a result of exposure to intense light from welding.
  • Radiation - Includes effects of ionizing radiation found in X-rays, microwaves, nuclear reactor waste, and radiating substances and equipment. Also includes non-ionizing radiation such as sunburn.
  • Contact With,Not Otherwise Classified (NOC) - Burned or scalded by contact with heat or cold but exact injury is not discernible on First Report of Injury or NOC is in any other code; may include injury due to cleaning agents, fertilizers, etc.
  • Contact with Cold Objects or Substances - In cases where contact with a specific cold object or substance occurs; does not include freezing or frostbite.
  • Abnormal Air Pressure - Burn or scald injury caused by exposure to abnormal air pressure.
  • Electrical Current - Burn or scald injury from electric shock, electrocution, lightning, etc.

If you have experienced personal injury from a burn as a result of someone else's negligence, you have rights under the law. Please Contact Us to pursue your rights and relieve the pain as much as possible.