Stabilizing Oil Prices And Construction Injury In The Bakken Oil Fields

Many people working in the Bakken Oil fields have seen some difficult times over the past two years, as oil prices had plummeted, decreasing available work hours. Since, folks have awaited oil price stabilization as a sign the economic engine will red-line once again. And, from recent accounts in Business Insider, the outlook is good. According to journalists Ernest Scheyder and Terry Wade,"Two years into the worst oil price rout in a generation, large and mid-sized U.S. independent producers are surviving and eyeing growth again as oil nears $50 a barrel, confounding OPEC and Saudi Arabia with their resiliency." As a result, any worries of economic worsening in the BakkenOil Fields are drying up.

However, worries about injuries from construction accidents have not abated. Construction injury remains a serious concern. In fact, as reported by Mike McCleary in The Bismarck News, another death has resulted recently from a construction accident. In this June 2016 accident, a crane boom struck and killed a 37-year-old man. McCleary points out that it has been a tragic week, for this was the second fatality. A man had died from injuries sustained in an oil well fire earlier in the week. In a statement by Eric Brooks, OSHA’s area director in Bismarck, OSHA offered "condolences to the family and friends of these workers." He further said, "The oil and gas industry is inherently dangerous, and workers are exposed to multiple hazards every day.”

Clearly, working in the oil and gas industry poses risks for workers, and construction injuries occur.Odegaard Miller Law are experienced with these cases and work to protect people's rights under the law. Contact them for consultation if you have been injured in a construction accident.