Tips To Move Your Workers' Comp Case Along

After you file for workers' comp, it can feel like forever before your case finally makes progress. Workers' comp cases take time and patience, and it's not uncommon for several months to pass before you reach a resolution. However, there are a few things that can move your case along a bit faster.

Retain an Attorney

More times than not, having an attorney on your side can give your case the attention that it needs. An experienced attorney knows the best way to resolve your case quickly, and can help you avoid the common mistakes that sometimes lead to an unnecessary delay.

Avoid Rescheduling Important Events

As part of your worker's comp case resolution, you'll most likely need to attend depositions, medical exams, mediations and other events as required. Lawyers and insurance companies schedule these events based on their own schedules, and yes, this can be frustrating if the time and dates don't work for you. However, rescheduling these appointments can lead to big delays. Unless you have extreme circumstances that don't allow you to attend the hearings, it's best if you attend those appointments as they are scheduled.

Inquire About Settlement Offers

Your case will most likely be resolved more quickly if your case settles. Your lawyer should be keeping you informed of any offers as they come in. Keep in mind you don't have to accept the first offer that comes in, you can make a counter-offer to at least get the ball rolling.

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