Oil Field Injury And Compensation

Working in an oil field, in any capacity, exposes workers to the risk of injury. The Bakken oil field--where as of January 2016, 58 rigs were in operation--is no exception to the potential for accidents and hazards. Whether you are a technician, inspector, engineer, or roustabout, you are at risk when you work on an oil field.

The inherent risks of such work are primarily because most workplace accidents that occur on oil fields are not the result of negligence of reckless behavior on the part of the individual employee, and thus cannot always be avoided nor predicted. More often at fault is malfunctioning equipment or accidents that result from the unavoidable hazards inherent to the job-- oil field work includes heavy machinery, volatile materials, and procedures that require a high level of accuracy. Moreover, if oil companies do not meet certain criteria for safety, they may be exposing their workers to greater risks.

Because even small errors or miscalculations are prone to occur, the risk of injury is always present for oil field workers. When such accidents to take place, it is important that employees be properly and fairly compensated, and that if there has been negligence, that negligence must be addressed, with at-fault parties held accountable. Odegaard Miller Law firm has many years of experience in advocating for oil field workers, with expertise in Bakken oil field cases.

Even when an accident involves human error, an injured employee may be entitled to a monetary settlement beyond Worker's Compensation. If you or a loved one were involved in an accident in the Bakken oil field, consider contacting the attorneys at Odegaard Miller Law for a consultation. We can determine if your case indicates that you may be entitled to compensation, and analyze whether your employer may have acted negligently in failing to take proper precautions for its employees' safety.