Bakken Shale Drillers Taking Advantage Of Cheaper Rig Rates And Service Crews

With Bakken Shale drillers experiencing recent drops in oil prices and feeling the crunch, what's happening to oil field workers? While companies push workers to 'more quickly complete' drilling wells, what happens to safety? Injuries increase with production going beyond the speed of past norms.

Author Matthew DiLallo, a Senior Energy and Materials Specialist with The Motley Fool writes: "The advantage of building a drilled uncompleted wells (DUC) inventory is that it enables these companies to take advantage of cheaper rig rates and service crews to put themselves in a position to take advantage of a future improvement in the oil price. Both companies can more quickly complete their DUC inventorywhen prices improve, enabling them to seize that upside." (Drilling, but not completing the fracking process)

With Bakken oil field drilling companies experiencing cuts in production, "some workers say plunging oil prices have put pressure on companies to cut corners on safety...[large oil companies] involved in workplace injuries and deaths pay their employees speed bonuses at the expense of safety".

Safety is a principled companies first priority. However, profits usually take precedence, with safety being a lower priority in some companies. Therefore, when pushed to work faster, injuries occur. And, when workers die in the Bakken oil field, top oil companies rarely bear responsibility

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