How Common Is An Oil Field Accident In Bakken?

An oil field accident can happen at any time and this is because there are quite a few dangers associated with oil rigs and the various work that is done. At Bakken oil fields, there aren't a lot of accidents that make the news.

Does this mean there are no accidents? No. What it does mean is that there are oil field accidents that occur that are sorted out by worker's compensation claims. In some instances, a person may choose to get a lawyer involved as well. This is because they need to go after a third-party or because there are issues with the workers compensation coverage.

When an Oil Field Accident Makes the News

Generally, the only time that an oil field accident will make the news is if there has been a fatality. Since 2006, PBS has reported that at least 74 people have died at the Bakken oil fields. The reason for the deaths are all across the board, ranging from falls to faulty equipment and everything in between.

Not every one of these fatalities were covered in the news, though many were. It's usually when the accident could have been avoided that there is murmuring within the news channels.

The accidents happen all the time, and therefore you need to be aware of them. If an accident happens to you or to a loved one, you need to know that there are various ways for you to deal with it.

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