Workers Compensation Claims And Bakken Oil Field Injuries

Bakken Oil Field workers who suffer injuries while working in those fields generally have a right to file claims under North Dakota's worker's compensation laws. Those laws provide compensation only for lost wages and medical costs, but not for other consequential damages that result from an employer's negligence. Employers and the North Dakota Workforce Safety and Insurance entity, which is the state's exclusive provider of workers compensation insurance, will seek to minimize the payout to an injured employee. Accordingly, if you intend to file a workers compensation claim for a Bakken or any other injury in the state, your best opportunity to increase your recovery is to work with a qualified workers compensation attorney.

A qualified attorney will help you to avoid these common mistakes that have lowered workers compensation claims for injuries in the Bakken oil fields:

-Settling a case for less than it is worth. Insurers prefer to settle cases quickly because settlements limit their liability for future claims that become apparent after an injury occurs.

-Accepting a medical diagnosis from the insurer's physician. The insurer will send you to its own physician, whose fees are paid by the insurer. You can generally trust a doctor to act independent, regardless of who is paying him. Nonetheless, you are not obligated to accept the first diagnosis and recovery projections from the insurance company's doctor. An independent second opinion from your own physician may reveal other injuries that the insurance company's doctor overlooked.

-Accepting an insurance company's assessment of the extent of your disability. An insurance company will argue that any disability that results from a Bakken or other work-related injury will not prevent you from returning to work after a short recovery or from resuming all of your previous duties and responsibilities. If you accept the insurance company's opinion, you may be required to work with chronic pain or physical limitations.

-Giving up due to financial pressure. Insurance companies occasionally delay payments that are intended to replace lost wages in an attempt to force an injured worker to accept a low settlement simply because he needs the money. If you have a valid workers compensation claim, you should receive regular payments that replace your wages and that keep you and your family whole while your claim is fully adjudicated.

The Bakken oil fields are notorious for the risks that they place upon workers and for the injuries that those workers suffer. If you are dealing with an injury that was caused by any operations relating to Bakken, please contact us at your earliest convenience to protect the full value of your claim and to recover the maximum worker's compensation payments.