Have You Sustained A Personal Injury From An Oil Spill?

Recently, legal action brought against Exxon resulted in $12 million in damages that the company must pay after an oil spill affecting the Yellowstone River. Although the payment is for destruction to the environment, including area wildlife, the oil spill raises questions about the kinds of damage that people may sustain from such accidents.

What effects do oil spills have on people's health and well-being?

Oil spills can affect both workers on the scene of an accident and residents in the local area.

Medical conditions may include problems with the skin, respiratory system, and nervous system. People may also suffer from contamination when they ingest fish and other wildlife from an affected area.

The severity of these medical issues depends on the kinds of contaminants spilled, the scope of the spill, and the degree of exposure each person suffers. For example, let's say workers are asked to clean up after a spill, but they aren't provided with adequate protective equipment. What's their risk of developing medical problems?

It's also important to consider the cause of an oil spill. For example, sometimes a spell results when a piece of equipment explodes, or when there's a vehicular accident, such as an oil train derailment or a truck crash. In those situations, workers and other people on the scene get exposed to additional events that put their lives and health at risk.

Should you sustain a personal injury from oil spill, and from the events surrounding the spill, don't hesitate to contact an experienced attorney. Your attorney will work with you to determine the cost of your injury and its impact on your life, including any short-term and long-term medical issues you need to deal with and any losses in wages and quality of living. You should not have to struggle alone in the aftermath of an oil spill.