Oil Field Injury Cost Potential Heats Up With Rash Of Fires In The Bakkens

As if the Bakken Region didn’t have enough problems, workers now have to worry about sustaining oil field injuries as a result of alleged arson. WHO TV covered the latest blaze in mid October 2016. Thankfully, in that incident, oil field employees left unscathed. But that isn’t always how fires in the oil industry end. Case in point, suspected arsonists aren’t the only ones setting things a blaze in the Bakkens.

As evidenced by an October article in the Bismarck Tribune, there have been flash fires taking place too. In the case of the latter, there were noted oil field injuries and fatalities. These types of burns have the potential to be extreme, given the flash point of most crude oil and its byproducts. The oils and byproducts also tend to burn hot and generate a good deal of harmful fumes. Thus, the range of potential oil field injuries where fires are concerned may be staggering.

In August 2016, SpringerPlus published a piece on the cost of treating general burn injuries. However, we may use the data as a base for calculating what employees may face after sustaining a fire-related, oil field injury. Given that oil fires burn so hot and often produce boil overs, we can assume that many workers would sustain third-degree burns that covered more than 10% of their bodies. As such, initial treatment costs are likely to extend well beyond the $300,000 mark.

It also goes without saying that the initial treatment costs don’t take into account worst-case scenarios such as permanent disfigurement, skin graft failure, PTSD, and systemic infections. Plus, there is no mention of lost wages and the impact that may have on the injured oil worker or his family. To learn more about the full weight of oil field injuries and what recourse burn victims or their families may have, please contact the Odegaard Miller Law Office today.