How A Trucking Accident Can Result From Negligent Hiring

Looking at what went wrong to cause a particular trucking accident is important when seeking restitution. While some accidents result from mechanical failures, many are caused by improper screening and monitoring of truck drivers during the hiring process. Below we will look at the requirements for trucking companies when hiring truck drivers and the role of negligent hiring in some trucking accidents.

Hiring Regulations for Truck Drivers

The direct impact of commercial trucking on public safety is why the federal government heavily regulates the industry. Trucking companies should ensure that their employees meet certain standards including:

  • Being over 21 years of age.
  • Able to read and write English.
  • Having a valid Commercial Driver's License (CDL) issued by their state.
  • Able to pass drug testing.
  • Be certified as being able to drive a truck by a medical examiner.
  • Able to pass annual reviews.

Adequate Screening for Truck Drivers

Along with ensuring that their drivers meet the standards above, trucking companies should also examine a driver's past for:

  • Convictions for driving under the influence.
  • Multiple speeding tickets.
  • Multiple accidents.
  • Previous suspensions of their CDL.

Hiring drivers with an extensive history of poor driving can constitute negligence if the driver causes accidents.

Why Trucking Companies Hire Poor Drivers

  • By Mistake

Negligent hiring in error is still negligent hiring and it does not let the company off the hook.

  • Because it is Convenient

In some cases, companies hire poor drivers simply because it is easier than trying to meet the regulations. This clearly constitutes negligence.

  • Ignorance of the Law

Companies sometimes fail to properly screen or train competent employees because they do not know the law; however, they must still be held accountable.

Have you been injured in a trucking accident? If so, the real cause may have been negligent hiring on the part of the trucking company. Contact us today at Odegaard Miller Law, PLLC. We have extensive experience with trucking accident cases and can help to ensure that you receive proper compensation.