Is A Workers' Compensation Lawsuit Over A Bakken Injury Necessary?

When you experience an accident at the Bakken Oil fields, you have to figure out what to do. While workers comp may step in to help you, there may be various challenges that go along with this.

Not Everything is Covered

One of the top workers comp problems is that not everything going on that was related to the accident is going to be covered. This may include some of your medical expenses and even some of the time you have had to take off from work in order to deal with the accident.

The Claim is Denied

It's very possible that a claim could be denied entirely. If this happens, your employer's insurance isn't going to pay for anything. If you are found to be responsible for the accident, you may not get as much as you need – and this can be detrimental.

You Have Long Term Issues

Workers comp often look at what is going on at the moment. However, you may have long-term issues that need to be dealt with. This includes physical therapy that could last for years. The injury may also impact your ability to work full-time and earn the same amount that you have grown accustomed to earning.

Working with an attorney who is familiar with the various accidents that occur throughout the Bakken oil area can ensure that your case is being handled properly. You can navigate through the various problems in order to seek financial compensation that is right for you.

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