Making Sure Older Workers are Also Protected From Serious Accidents

A recent report on older people in the US workforce highlights a disturbing finding. The rate of fatality among older workers (defined as being at least 55-years-old) is greater than for workers as a whole.

To be clear, this isn't grounds for age-based discrimination against older workers, who bring well-honed skills and invaluable experience to the workforce. What the results show is how work sites in general still need to improve their safety measures.

Fatal or otherwise serious accidents affecting older workers can also affect younger people. For example, if an older worker sustained fatal injuries after slipping on a wet surface or tripping over a cable, the cause of the accident is still a hazard for younger workers, who can also easily suffer a fall; even if the fall doesn't result in death for them (and it might), it could lead to serious injuries, including brain and spine trauma, broken bones, and internal bleeding.

A safer workplace for older people can be a safer workplace for everyone. Furthermore, older workers in their own right are entitled to appropriate safety measures, including proper training for the various tasks they're assigned to and the use of the right protective gear. Whether they're in the oil and gas industry or another line of work, their employers must not treat them carelessly.

If you've suffered injuries related to your job, please contact us. Regardless of your age, you deserve to work in an environment where there are strong protective measures in place and where your employer prioritizes safety. We're here to help you fight for compensation and fair treatment so that you can better cope and heal in the aftermath of an accident.