The Danger of Construction Accidents Involving Trenching

Construction jobs involve many kinds of risks. Scaffolding can collapse, causing workers to fall from unsafe heights. Workers are in danger of getting struck or crushed by falling objects. Burns, electrocutions, and machinery-related injuries are all possibilities. There's also a risk of vehicular accidents.

A recent article from Construction Dive highlights another major danger in construction work: trenching.

The dangers of trenching

When workers are trenching and excavating, they run the risk of getting buried in fatally heavy volumes of dirt. The article reports that in 2016, deadly trenching accidents increased over twice as much from the previous year.

On their website, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) points out guidelines for safer excavation practices that lower the chances of an accident. It's important to know that many of these fatal accidents don't occur in trenches that are particularly deep; even a relatively shallow trench can lead to workers getting trapped under volumes of dirt that are crushingly heavy.

Should a trenching accident occur, it's important to investigate the circumstances surrounding it. Were there adequate protections in place? Did the construction company consider the soil stability? Stability can be affected by a number of factors including the amount of water in the soil and the disruptive vibrations from nearby machinery or vehicles.

These are critical issues to explore. Even when a trenching accident isn't fatal, it can cause serious injuries. Whether they're performing construction work in the Bakken Oil Field or at another site, workers deserve protection.

Reaching out to a reputable attorney

Should you or a loved one suffer a trenching accident, please contact us. We'll help you cope in the aftermath and fight for fair compensation.