Weather-induced accidents are a source of danger for Montana workers

Any extremes in weather pose a serious danger to workers who need to be outdoors a lot, such as Bakken oil field workers and construction workers.

A recent local news article on roof contractors in Montana highlights some of the dangers:

  • They're performing hard manual labor outdoors, even in extreme heat.
  • They don't have shade while they work.
  • A lot of heat and glare get reflected back to them off of the roofing materials.

There are many ways for workers to suffer weather-related accidents and medical conditions.

They may experience dehydration or sustain heat stroke, potentially deadly conditions whose symptoms sometimes get ignored until they become life-threatening. In the colder months of the year, they may suffer accidents from slipping on icy surfaces. Outdoor work can put them in the path of thunderstorms, lightning, and high winds.

Who is looking out for worker safety?

Employers need to establish safety protocols that can help workers better cope with extreme weather. Workers need to be able to take breaks and replenish themselves with fluids and nutritious food. They should be able to seek shelter during violent weather. If they're suffering from various symptoms, they need to feel free to speak up and go get checked out without fearing that they're jeopardizing their jobs.

Extreme weather shouldn't get downplayed, and its dangers shouldn't be neglected. If you suffer an accident during a situation involving severe weather, please contact us. We'll work with you to better understand what happened and whether your accident could have been prevented. Your safety is paramount, and if you suffer an accident, you should receive fair compensation to better heal and cope in the aftermath.