Five Causes of Slip, Trip, and Fall Personal Injuries

It's always best to watch your step in order to avoid a personal injury in a fall. However, if such an injury occurs on business property or on some other public place, don't blame it on yourself if a fall hazard took you by surprise. The business owner is obligated to either place clearly visible warning signs, cordon off the area, or fix the problem. Failing to do this is negligence on the part of the owner. If this caused an injury and you're struggling to pay medical bills, or are experiencing pain and suffering, you are entitled to fair compensation and should get the legal services of a lawyer.

Hopefully, this will never happen to you by watching for these five causes of slip, trip, and fall personal injuries:

Slippery Surfaces

Recently cleaned floors, spilled liquids, greasy or oily parking lot pavement are common year-round slip dangers. During the colder months, snow and ice that have been allowed to build up by a business owner can cause falls, especially among the elderly. Icy or snowy surfaces on outdoor stairs and steps are particularly treacherous.

Uneven Surfaces

These are often encountered on sidewalks or parking lots on the business owner's property. Potholes and cracks caused by tree roots or frost action are the most common hazards of this category. The edges of tilted sidewalk concrete slabs can also catch your foot. A fold in the carpeting at the top of a stairwell is another uneven surface that can induce a serious fall.


Boxes, tools, cords, cables, and other items shouldn't clutter the floor, walkways, or stairs of public areas. If construction is causing the problem, the entire area should be cordoned off. If the clutter is there as a matter of course, the property owner is being grossly negligent if the public is allowed access to the area.

Lack of Handrails

Steps and stairs should have handrails to aid in balance and to prevent falls.

Poor Lighting

This problem occurs in parking lots, garages, walkways, and in stairwells. Any of the above hazards, as well as unseen steps upon walking out a door or an unseen curb, can cause an unexpected fall.

If a slip, trip, and fall hazard injured you, get the legal help of experienced personal injury lawyers who can get you the compensation you deserve. Contact us today at Odegaard Miller Law.