Trucking Accidents Caused by Aggressive Driving

Many people regard semi-trucks as inconvenient objects that block their view and generally get in their way. However, semi-trucks are dangerous if only because of their enormous size, poor handling, and poor maneuverability. In addition, some of their drivers are stressed out by the demands of their work and by traffic that impedes their ability to meet delivery schedules. They often feel anxious, angry, frustrated, or rushed. As a result, too many of them resort to aggressive driving. This is an action or combination of actions that endanger themselves and others on the road.

The actions of aggressive truck drivers are the same as those of aggressive motorists. They will tailgate, drive too fast for the conditions, weave in and out of traffic, cut off other vehicles, and fail to use their turn signals. However, the consequences of these actions are more deadly because their large size and weight can cause greater devastation in accidents involving smaller vehicles.

A truck colliding into a car from behind may result in an override accident in which the truck's high center of gravity causes it to ride up and over a car while simultaneously crushing it. This can happen when the truck goes too fast for the conditions and doesn't allow sufficient following distance. A sudden traffic slowdown is all it takes for a speeding truck to rear-end innocent victims.

A truck's sudden lane change without signaling may cause an accident when it hits a car riding in its blind spot. Trucks that aggressively weave in and out of traffic are pulling G's that may cause a rollover accident. This can happen when they're hauling a load that makes them top-heavy. A rollover can also happen when weaving in and out of traffic while on a turn in the road. Turns that normally wouldn't cause such an accident will induce a rollover during an aggressive weaving maneuver.

The aggressive truck driver's primary focus is getting by traffic that impedes his progress. He does this at the expense of driving defensively. This leaves the person vulnerable to unexpected traffic events and to the dangers of poor road conditions. The emotions associated with aggressive driving also impair the sound judgment required for safe driving.

Aggressive driving is inexcusable for everyone, especially for the truck driver who is supposed to be a professional held to a higher standard. If such a person injured you or a loved one in a trucking accident, the lawyers at Odegaard Miller Law can help you get the fair compensation you deserve. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.