When Dogs Injure Livestock

Agriculture is considered the largest industry in Montana due to the state’s immensely fertile environment and abundance of natural resources. The state has nearly 28,000 farms and ranches spread across 59.7 million acres of land.

Livestock is extremely valuable in Montana, which is why injuring economically profitable livestock is traditionally a more serious legal matter compared to injuring a person. Dog owners can be held strictly liable for damage done to livestock.

According to Montana law, the owner of livestock or poultry injured or killed by any dog may recover liquidated damages from the dog owner, amounting to the actual value of the animals killed or the value of the damage sustained by injuries. Furthermore, any individual who directs or permits any dog – whether he or she owns the dog or has the dog in his or her possession – to chase or run any cattle or other livestock of which the person is not the owner or the person in charge of the range or land is guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to $500.

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