2 Deadly Trucking Accidents an Injury Attorney Can Help You With

Big rig truck accidents are without a doubt catastrophic and can cause serious injuries or even death to drivers of personal-use vehicles.

Here is a look at 2 unique dangers that can occur when an accident involves a commercial truck and how an accident lawyer can help go after negligent defendants so as to get you the compensation you deserve.


This often occurs when a big rig or tractor-trailer trucks fold their trailers in an accident, usually due to sudden braking or turning. An experienced truck accident lawyer can help you recover damages if you are a victim of such a crash by reconstructing the scene of the accident to determine the cause of the accident-be it reckless over-speeding, poorly adjusted truck brakes or any other cause.

With this information, your lawyer can determine if the truck driver was at fault and if you have enough merit to file a personal injury suit against the trucking company.

Head-on collisions

These types of accidents typically occur when truck drivers recklessly cross the center line on highways, run red lights or fail to yield the right of way on the road. The result is often a devastating collision with oncoming traffic that can cause serious or even fatal injuries to drivers of personal-use vehicles.

If you have been a victim of such a trucking accident, it would be wise to involve a truck accident lawyer to help you build a strong injury suit so as to increase your chances of getting maximum compensation for your pain/suffering, property damage or other losses sustained due to the crash.