How to Avoid Fatigue While Driving a Truck

Driving a truck is a tiring experience. Truck drivers often spend hours on the road in a small cabin. It’s easy to get fatigued and burnt out because of a lack of exercise, stimulation and social life. Here are some tips for avoiding fatigue on the road and reducing the chance of an accident.

Take Breaks

Take breaks whenever you can. Truck stops are a great place to get some fresh air, some food, and a drink, a cool room to relax in and more. If possible, get some sleep when you’re at it.


Get as much exercise as you can. Driving for long shifts doesn’t give you much time to exercise, but every little thing helps. If necessary, you can even pull up at a rest stop or at the side of the road and do some exercise there.

Eat Healthy

Make sure to eat healthy meals. It’s easy to get used to eating gas station food and drinking coke. Go for healthy meals that include protein and fiber. Take fruits and vegetable with you in your truck so that you can snack on them. Avoid sugary drinks and alcohol.

Sleep Healthy

Get as much sleep as you can so that you’re not overtired when you’re on the road. Develop a consistent sleeping schedule. Even if you’re working long shifts that don’t allow you to sleep a lot at night, having a consistent sleeping and napping schedule will help you avoid fatigue.

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