Montana's low safety rating is cause for concern

When it comes to lowering the rate of preventable injuries and deaths, how effective are various US states?

A recent report gave Montana a rating of "F" for overall safety. In this National Safety Council report, no state received a rating higher than a "B," prompting calls for greater focus and effort on safer roads, homes/communities, and workplaces.

Still, even though all states can show room for improvement, Montana is in an especially undesirable position, which makes its workers and other residents more vulnerable to the deaths and costly injuries that result from preventable accidents.

A greater emphasis on prevention

Every workplace comes with its hazards, some more than others. Bakken region oil field work, construction site jobs, and other forms of labor involving manual effort or toxic materials put workers at a particularly high risk. recently released an article listing ways that companies can cut down on workplace accident rates. They mention supplying workers with the appropriate protective gear, providing regular safety training, carrying out routine inspections of equipment and vehicles, performing risk assessments, maintaining a tidier work environment, and hiring enough people for a particular job (while ensuring that the people who have been hired meet the right level of competence).

If more workplaces could consistently commit to these steps, we'd see fewer preventable accidents.

Should you suffer from a workplace accident, please contact us. You deserve to have dedicated legal assistance as you cope in the aftermath and fight for fair compensation for all the resulting costs, including medical bills and lost work. We support workers' safety and equitable treatment, and we seek to hold companies accountable when they fail to take the necessary steps for accident prevention.