Personal injury on the road - a pressing concern for Montana

Road safety remains a serious concern for people across the US and also in Montana, which has a high rate of traffic accident fatalities compared to other states.

A recent editorial in the Missoulian points out how in 2016, the rate of fatal vehicle crashes dropped compared to the year before. This is excellent news. However, it isn't a reason to become complacent. Montana still struggles with problems stemming from drivers who operate vehicles while intoxicated, exceed the speed limit, or indulge in distractions such as texting while driving. Fatalities are also more likely to come about when vehicle occupants neglect to wear seat belts.

How can we make the roads safer?

Poor vehicle safety affects everyone, and not even necessarily when they're in a vehicle. For example, when a construction crew works on or near a road, workers can face risks from inattentive or out-of-control drivers.

First off, it's critical that drivers - and, in the case of commercial vehicles, their employers - take responsibility for road safety and at the very minimum behave in accordance with traffic laws. Additional regulations may also help, along with improvements in infrastructure.

The issue of road safety is too serious to neglect or downplay. Personal injuries from traffic accidents can become lifelong problems resulting in steep medical costs, lost wages, and diminished quality of life. Should you suffer an accident involving vehicles, please contact us. We will work with you to carefully review your case and determine the factors contributing to the accident and the parties responsible for it. As traffic accidents remain a serious problem for Montana workers, residents, and visitors, we're on hand to help you cope with the aftermath.