Why Workers Compensation Fails in the Bakken Oil Field Regions

Apart from the booming oil business in the Bakken fields, the oil fields have also gotten notable for the danger they pose to the workers. Many accidents have happened in the fields and over seventy deaths so far since 2006 have occurred in the fields. However, in the midst of all the danger, many oil companies operating in the fields have been notorious for evading accountability in the case of accidents.

While the worker's compensation claims address the liabilities where the immediate employer is liable, there exists a chance for liabilities for other non-employer firms. However, many times, it needs diligent research to determine any hidden clauses that may absolve the third-party companies of any liabilities which the first employer firm may not know.

Workers comp involves more than just one company

In the accidents that have occurred in the Bakken oil fields, the employee's compensation includes more than one company. The primary oil extraction process involves many contractors and sub-contractor companies who are responsible for various activities in the field which could in one way or another cause an accident.

Exactly who is liable?

Taking an example of an accident that happened in the Bakken oil fields a couple of years ago, the worker's compensation plan did not materialize, since there existed different exposing companies working on the oil rig well.

Most of the time, energy companies protect themselves from liabilities by hiring independent contractors known as company men. These company men usually act like supervisors and are outside OSHA’s purview. This makes it hard to make the companies liable even when they are responsible for accidents.

What makes the Bakken oil fields a dangerous place to work in for workers is the way companies can sidestep accountability hence making it seem like there are no restrictions. For more information, contact us.