Can data give us insights into how work accidents happen?

Microsoft and the University of Washington have teamed up to determine the causes of traffic deaths. They're using video analyses that rely on human evaluations and computer algorithms to figure out the different variables contributing to crashes; these include driver behavior, road infrastructure, and time of day.

The hope is that this information can be used to come up with targeted methods for decreasing traffic deaths. For example, municipalities may be able to better determine which intersections will benefit from a traffic light or install a lane divider. They can spot patterns of driver behavior and respond with public safety awareness campaigns or new traffic laws.

Can similar methods apply to work accidents?

This use of technology and data analytics may also prove helpful for workplace environments, especially on sites with serious safety issues and a higher risk of accidents. For example, in the Bakken oilfields or at a large construction site, how can we better predict when an accident will occur, and how can we take the appropriate steps to minimize its chances?

Technology can give us the power to pinpoint the contributing factors of accidents and help us develop more effective, targeted ways of mitigating the risks. Employers may then be in a better position to understand when accidents are likely to occur predominantly because of worker error versus the positioning of various pieces of machinery, for example.

The more information that's collected about accidents, the easier it is to also determine what happened during your specific case. If you suffer a work accident, please contact us, and we will dedicate ourselves to understanding exactly what happened and what you're entitled to for fair compensation.