Construction accident concerns: What are some summertime risks to watch out for?

With summer fast approaching, people performing outdoor work face certain risks from changes in the weather. In Billings, for example, average high temperatures in July and August are in the 80s, and there's always the possibility of violent summer storms. For workers in oilfields and construction sites, the weather can prove hazardous.

Coping with the heat

Working outside for long hours in hot weather, particularly when the labor is strenuous, can lead to serious health problems if the proper precautions aren't taken. Workers may suffer from sun stroke, heat exhaustion, or painful muscle cramps. These conditions can have debilitating effects; sun stroke, for example, is sometimes deadly.

It's critical that construction workers alternate between work and rest, with time to regularly replenish the body with liquids. Workers should also be trained to identify the symptoms of these heat-related conditions.


Worker suffering dehydration can experience dizziness, headaches, and fatigue. The dehydration itself poses a danger; it can also affect workers' behavior around heavy machinery and vehicles, leading to additional risks.

Drinking plenty of water is important, along with eating foods that are rich in water and nutrients, like fruits and vegetables.

Hot surfaces

Workers also need to watch out for surfaces that heat up in the sun. Hot surfaces can lead to burns; they can also raise the surrounding temperature, making the work environment less safe.


Detecting the signs of an impending storm and seeking shelter from it are important steps to preventing death and injury from high winds, lightning, and other dangerous weather phenomena. Workers should have sufficient time to find shelter and as much advanced warning as possible.

Seeking legal counsel

Should you suffer an accident related to heat or volatile weather, please contact us. We'll review what happened and discuss your options for covering the costs of medical care, lost wages, and other expenses.