Construction Accident Issues in the Bakken Oil Field

The oil industry is booming in many areas of the country. With the increase in production, a lot of construction companies are moving into the area to take advantage of the growth. When things are moving quickly, workers sometimes pay the price. There is a huge increase in construction accidents around the Bakken area recently. Our company has a lot of experience helping customers in this area of business.

Construction in the Oil Field

The Bakken region is one of the largest oil reserves in the entire world. With all of the demand for new oil, new homes and companies are going up rapidly in this area. Many construction companies are starting to cut corners in order to maximize profits. However, workers get hurt at a higher rate every month. This is an issue because many of the workers are not from this area of Montana. They do not have the family support or contacts to get the help they need. This is where our company helps a lot of people with their financial needs.

Our Services

Over the years, our team has provided quality legal services to the local area. With the issues in the Bakken area recently, our team has expanded in order to service all of the cases. If you get injured from working construction jobs near the oil fields, you are not alone. In fact, the rate of construction accidents in our area is higher than ever before. Getting financial help while you are out of work because of your injury is essential. Contact us today to get more information on this process.