Have drugs contributed to your personal injury at work or on the road?

Every day, there are new articles about the opioid epidemic sweeping through the US; and opioids aren't the only drugs that can profoundly affect people's health and behavior. Drugs are a serious safety hazard in a variety of situations, including the workplace and on the road.

Vehicular collisions

For example, NBC Montana recently shared a report on the rise of drugged driving and its potential role in traffic accident fatalities. While it's important to continue recognizing the risks of drinking while driving, drugged driving is also a danger that can't be overlooked. Anyone operating a vehicle, whether a truck, car or motorcycle, while consuming drugs may experience delayed reaction times, disorientation, and other symptoms that make driving more dangerous.

Workplace accidents

Furthermore, drugs may play a role in workplace accidents. If someone taking drugs operates heavy machinery or a construction vehicle such as a forklift, for example, they're more likely to make mistakes, lose control of the equipment, and cause an accident.

Oil field work depends on consistent focus, quick reaction times, and a strong awareness of one's environment. What happens if these qualities get compromised by drug use?

Seeking help after an accident

If drugs did play a role in your accident, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll help you carefully evaluate what happened and determine the parties bearing responsibility for the accident. We'll also help you explore every possible avenue of compensation in the aftermath of the accident, whether it occurred on the road or at your work site, during your off-work hours or as part of your job responsibilities. You shouldn't have to struggle alone to cope with the costs.