Have you sustained a workplace injury from violence at your job?

In many cases, workplace injuries come about from an accident of some kind. On an oilfield, for example, there may have been an explosion, a vehicular collision, an equipment malfunction, or a collapse of scaffolding or other infrastructure. Accidents are often preventable, a result of carelessness or negligence. But they aren't driven by a deliberate desire to inflict harm on any specific worker (even though the workplace as a whole may put a pool of workers at a higher risk of death and serious injury from an accident).

What happens when workplace injuries result from deliberate violence?

Workplace Violence Remains a Serious Issue

Across different industries, ranging from construction to healthcare, workers remain vulnerable to violent attacks, perpetrated by other employees, by clients or customers, and other times by people unconnected to the job.

Even when the outcome isn't fatal, the effects of the injuries can linger for a long time and sometimes even be permanent, resulting in lifelong changes and diminished quality of life.

Compensation for Workplace Violence

If a worker sustains a violent attack, through which avenues can they receive compensation for any injuries they've incurred?

One issue that's important to explore is whether not employers could have prevented the violent incident. For example, if a victim had complained about threats or previous violent encounters, did the employers or other people in company leadership positions take adequate steps to prevent a violent attack? Issues of negligence and carelessness can also play a role in determining who is at fault for workplace injuries that result from deliberate violence.

To further discuss these issues, please contact us. Workers should be able to go through their day as safely as possible, at minimal risk not only from accidents but also from violent encounters.