Montana's Safety Ranking due to Work Injuries

How Safe is Montana Compared to other US States?

According to a recent report, Montana isn't doing so well in terms of overall safety. It comes in 44th on the list of states in terms of how safe it is across a number of dimensions. These dimensions include vehicular fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles (where it's ranked 49th on that specific measure) and fatal work injuries (where it ranks 48th).

Accidents that result in fatalities or in nonfatal but still serious injuries will leave victims and their loved ones in financial and emotional straits.

Financial & Emotional Costs

  • Expensive medical treatments, including emergency room visits, hospitalization, surgeries, outpatient care, and physical rehabilitation.

  • Necessary life changes, including the use of an assistive device and alterations that need to be made to the home to accommodate wheelchairs and other physical/medical needs.

  • The emotional trauma that can be best addressed through high-quality therapy.

  • Lost wages, sometimes for a relatively short amount of time, and other times permanently as the accident victim loses the ability to work.

  • Property repairs, including for vehicles that have been badly damaged.

There are a number of actions and sensible measures that can help prevent accidents. They include worker safety training, higher safety standards in the workplace (particularly in dangerous jobs like construction and oil field work), and campaigns against texting while driving (and, of course, driving while intoxicated). It's the responsibility of individuals, employers, and state legislators to help improve safety.

If you've suffered from a workplace or vehicular accident, please contact us. We will fight for you to receive fair compensation that helps you cope with the costs of the damages you've sustained.