Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Interstate 94 Wreck

According to law enforcement officials, an SUV rear-ended a pickup truck on Interstate 94 in Bismarck. The accident happened on April 16, as a Chevrolet S10 and Jeep Grand Cherokee were traveling eastbound.

Accident Details

As the pickup was hit from behind, the 57-year-old male driver lost control. His vehicle crossed the on-ramp from Exit 159 before overturning in a ditch. Both he and his 55-year-old female passenger were reportedly ejected.

Emergency personnel transported the driver and his 55-year-old female passenger to a local hospital. The motorist suffered serious injuries, and his passenger died several days after the accident, on April 20.

Driver Allegedly Leaves the Scene

The 26-year-old man driving the Jeep reportedly left the scene of the accident, although law enforcement later apprehended him. The fatal wreck is the subject of an ongoing investigation by the North Dakota Highway Patrol.

Although every accident is unique, injured victims and survivors of those killed often file personal injury lawsuits to seek compensation. It is often possible to obtain monetary damages for a variety of expenses and losses, including medical expenses, pain, suffering and possible lost wages. Survivors of deceased victims often seek compensation for loss of companionship as well. Most cases are settled without a trial.

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