Under-ride fatalities are among trucking accident dangers

On work sites such as oil fields and mines, and on the road more generally, trucks are regularly involved in fatal accidents.

The truck's large size, its potential to go out of control, and the additional dangers from its cargo are all factors contributing to deaths and serious injuries in accidents. If an accident involves a truck colliding with a smaller vehicle, the driver and passengers in the smaller vehicle are more vulnerable to a tragic outcome.

Under-ride fatalities

A recent report shared by NBC Montana focuses on under-ride collisions. In this kind of accident, a car collides with a tractor-trailer and the car's hood slides under the larger vehicle. This brings the driver of the car and any occupants into an even closer, more forceful impact with the truck.

The report mentions an estimate that roughly half of all fatalities in car-truck collisions occur in under-ride accidents.

There's also a potential solution to lowering the rate of fatalities: the use of side guards on trucks. Side guards may be able to lower the chances of cars sliding under a truck during a sidelong collision. Tests are underway to establish what kind of side guard would be most effective (and at what speeds for a car).

What can we do to prevent trucking accident fatalities?

Side guards for under-ride collisions are a potential solution to a certain type of accident. Lowering the rate of truck accident fatalities requires preventative measures on a variety of fronts.

Trucks should be operated cautiously and legally by drivers with the appropriate licensing. On work sites, drivers should take extra care in areas that are crowded or on ground that's unstable. The truck's cargo should always be secured properly. And of course, anyone else (other drivers, pedestrians and workers) should do their part to keep an eye out for trucks.

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