Why OSHA Inspectors Need to Look Into the Rigs at Bakken Oil Field Region

The Bakken oil field currently stands as one of America’s most significant natural oil and gas field. While oil fields provide a lot of revenue for the government and provide a source of employment, many times, the Bakken oil fields have come to the limelight for all the wrong reasons by recording the highest number of death casualties resulting from accidents in the fields over the past couple of years since its inception.

One of the reasons that put the workers in the fields at risk is the work detail which includes oil and gas exploration from the oil shale through methods like drilling operations. The operations put the workers in great danger of injuries or even death. When it comes to workers safety, the Bakken oil fields have scored poorly in the past in cases where disasters have occurred and the employers were aware but did nothing to prevent it.

Workers compensation plans for Bakken oil field

With the state’s workforce and insurance agency determining how much a worker involved in an accident should get compensated, the pay is still low for compensation to the families of dead workers. Since the oil work gets done by different employers who hire different contractors, it’s hard to establish exactly who is liable for compensation of the injured. In many cases, the employers get fined and not the good owners according to OSHA laws.

The workers at Bakken can now feel a bit safe knowing they are in some way protected by the 'general duty clause' that requires their employers to ensure a safe environment for work. However, critics still insist that the oil industry still exposes its workers to dangers and compensate them poorly for all the injuries incurred. For more information, contact us.