Workplace Injury Due to High-Pressure Environment

One of the times workers are most vulnerable on the job is when their company is trying to meet a certain level of earnings by an approaching deadline. For workers in risky jobs, such as oilfield work and construction, the pressure to reach an earnings goal is especially hazardous.

The Harvard Business Review recently reported on a study that provides evidence of increased rates of injury and illness in companies that have just met or barely exceeded an earnings goal. When a company's management feels that kind of pressure and pushes hard, employees assume the burden of risk.

What can happen to employees in this high-pressure environment?

Employees can wind up working longer hours, resulting in a greater chance of fatigue and health problems stemming from chronic stress. They're given shorter breaks (or few breaks at all) and expected to work at a faster pace. Sometimes, companies neglect safety measures that they think will slow down an operation; workers may be urged to undertake various risky tasks without proper safety checks and equipment.

In this kind of environment, workers face a greater risk of death, serious injury, and illness. They're more likely to suffer from various preventable accidents involving machinery, for example, or vehicles at their work-site. They're also more likely to suffer from slips and falls and make poor decisions at high-speed under great pressure.

If you've suffered a workplace injury under such conditions, please contact us. We'll carefully review your case to determine what happened and how it might have been prevented in a safer working environment. We'll also fight for you to receive fair compensation for the costs of your injury, including medical bills, lost wages, and accommodations that you may need to make in your life (such as installing a wheelchair ramp in your home). You shouldn't be left to struggle alone in the aftermath.