5 Things NOT to Do When Filing a Worker's Compensation Claim in the Bakken Oil Field Region

When filing a worker's compensation claim, here are some things you should avoid doing if you were injured in the Bakken oil field region.

Don't Ignore the Injury

You may want to go back to work as normal and hope the injury will go away but don't do that. Get medical treatment and advice. Don't try to be "nice" to your employer.

Don't Forget Your Options

Depending on your injury and how it occurred, you may be entitled to more than just a worker's compensation claim. For example, you may be eligible for a personal injury claim. Get in touch with a lawyer to help you out.

Don't Give Any Statements

Don't give any written or verbal statements to the insurance company (besides informing them the basic information about the injury). Make sure to speak with an attorney first. Remember that anything you say can be used to minimize or deny your claim.

Don't Ignore Your Restrictions

If your doctor put limits on your physical abilities, don't ignore them. Doing so can jeopardize your claim. Certainly, don't return to work if your doctor told you to rest. Don't go skiing or do strenuous physical activities; this can be used against you.

Don't Talk About It

Keep quiet about your injury when your claim is pending. Don't discuss it with unnecessary people. If something wrong slips from your mouth, a disgruntled friend or relative can mess your claim up for you. Be careful about your posts and pictures on social media.

Above all, don't forget to contact an attorney. Contact us for expert legal advice.