Permanent Disability Benefits

Permanent disability is available to employees who were injured while on the job, but who didn’t fully recover from any of their injuries. When work injuries leave the victim at a permanent and serious disadvantage, they are entitled to these benefits as a means of financial survival for the years to come. Only once it has been proven you have reached maximum medical improvement, also known as MMI, can you be eligible for this form of assistance. Once someone is a recipient of these benefits, he or she cannot receive any temporary disability payments any longer.

Permanent disability benefits can be in one of two ways, including total permanent disability and partial permanent disability. Partial includes anyone who is considered anything less than 100% disabled, while total is for those who have sustained and suffered from the worst injuries possible--including amputations or loss of eyesight, rendering him or her unable to work again.

The process of obtaining permanent disability benefits involves a full workup and evaluation from a trusted medical doctor to vouch for the extent of your injuries and whether or not they truly leave you in the position of being unable to work. The full workup and report is translated into a percentage, which then determines whether you are eligible for partial or total disability benefits.

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