Avoid Personal Injury This Winter: Six Driving Tips

Most people dread winter driving for good reason. The traction on snowy roads is poor, and you're surrounded by motorists who are also having a difficult time. Anyone of them could make a mistake that might cause an accident. However, you can reduce your accident risk by exercising extra caution and using the following winter driving tips:

Stay off the Road

Keep track of the weather and avoid driving in storms by delaying or advancing the time of your trip or commute. If your job allows an option to work from home, do so on snowy days.

Replace Old Wipers and Keep Your Wiper Fluid Reservoir Full

In addition to slippery roads, snowstorms reduce your view of the road. Lack of wiper fluid and/or stiff and cracked wiper blades can cause severe impairment of your ability to see the road.

Slow Down and Allow Plenty of Following Space

Reduced road traction causes weaker braking and steering. This means you must look farther down the road so you can start your braking well in advance in response to a traffic problem ahead.

Drive Smoothly and Gently

Poor traction means it's impossible to brake or swerve hard, or do any maneuver that would normally "pull G's" in the summer. Make your maneuvers smooth and gentle, and keep your speed down.

Use Snow Tires

All season tires are a compromise and provide inferior traction in cold and snowy weather. On the other hand, snow tire rubber is formulated to stay flexible in cold weather. This increases its friction on cold pavement. All season tire rubber gets stiff in the cold, which reduces its traction. Snow tire tread is specially designed for good traction in snow, while that of all-season tires is not.

Have an Auto-Mechanic Prep Your Car for Winter

Safe winter driving by itself has plenty of challenges without the added difficulty of having your car break down on the road. Being stranded on the side of the road, or in the road, increases the risk of getting hit by another vehicle.

If you or a family member suffered a personal injury in a car accident because of the negligent or reckless actions of another driver, contact us at Odegaard Miller Law.