Weather Conditions Out at Bakken Can Result in Oil Field Accidents

Explosions, fires, collapsing structures, machinery malfunctions - these are the types of accidents that come to mind when most people think of oil field accidents and injuries. Because of this mindset, other injuries often get overlooked as being "too small." According to PBS, companies are using independent contractors to avoid penalties when things go bad.

Weather plays a big role out in the oil fields when it comes to workers' health and well-being. Working out at Bakken, or any oil field means that you are at the mercy of the elements of weather every single day. Each season brings new challenges to workers' safety due to the different conditions.

What conditions do I need to worry about?

You should be worried about ANY weather condition that you are not given proper PPE or safety equipment for and any weather condition that you are not given specific training to operate in. Precipitation can cause something as seemingly minor as a slip-and-fall, or something major such as not having a good grip on equipment while you're using it. Wind can also become a hazard. In addition to blowing a person or equipment awry, wind can also be a hazard by blowing toxic chemicals and fumes that get inhaled by unprotected workers or even by nearby residents.

What do I do about a weather-related injury in Bakken?

Oil field accidents are serious - even if the accidents are weather-related - and should be handled immediately. For example, a slip-and-fall due to ice does not necessarily sound major, but it could put a worker out of commission for an extended period of time. When a worker is out of work there is no income coming in yet expenses for living and potential medical bills may be piling up.

If you have received a weather-related injury at Bakken - or any other type of oil field injury - you need an attorney who has experience with oil field companies. Contact us at Odegaard Miller for a free case evaluation.